• The programming font explorer is pretty cool: https://app.programmingfonts.org/https://app.programmingfonts.org/

  • I’m not sure about “the worlds best email client”– but so far, aerc is a joy to use.

  • Getting ready for tomorrow

  • I’ve been enjoying John Kelly’s series on Bob Odlum, the first man to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Tufte day

  • Decided on a “Virginia Breweries” theme

  • Why did I wait so long to look into Firefox Containers? Solves real problems for me.

  • I was searching for something else entirely, but the rules around IRS employee’s use of pseudonyms is pretty interesting.

  • Pinebook Pro

    Finally, I’ve got the darn thing.

    Good: feels like a sturdy, high-quality device. It’s fun using semi-exotic hardware. The screen is great and the keyboard is fine. The price, obviously.

    Not so good: The trackpad is kind of wonky (I’m hoping this can be fixed in firmware). The speakers are a joke. The semi-exotic hardware isn’t yet fully supported by the official Linux kernel yet, so some features are hit or miss. For example, I’m writing this from Manjaro, which works great– except that suspend isn’t working yet.

    In general, I’m happy with the purchase. I’m going to try to stick with it as my primary (non-work) machine.

  • ugh, Opera (yes, the web browser company) is now a shady lender

  • Getting the dang thing has been an emotional rollercoaster– but it seems like my Pinebook Pro will arrive tomorrow!

  • I started reading David Byrne’s “How Music Works” over the weekend. and he describes making the “Once in a Lifetime” video– which is… quite a thing if you’ve never seen it . 📚🎵

  • I’ve been using Lastpass for six or seven years, and I have no idea how it decides which forms to autofill, which to inject icons into, which to do neither.

  • I’ve spent the last two days diving into Powershell and “Desired State Configuration”– hoping I can cobble together an compelling demo of Office365DSC, and convince folks that we should manage our Office 365 configuration as code.

  • A great use of IR photography: visualizing methane emmissions

  • Put in my Pinebook Pro order– looking forward to getting my hands on it!

  • With the bumpers up, it’s really hard to lose a game of bowling on purpose.

  • I wonder how long until Google shuts down Google Groups?

  • Election day 2019

    This time around, I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to help much with tech setup and teardown, but I was assigned an interesting task at the end of the night: I called in the precincts results to the county Office of Elections. I had something to do with the numbers on the county website, and analyzed by the media, etc.

  • Election day! I’ll be working at a polling place somewhere in Fairfax County. They should tell me where sometime in the next 45 minutes…

    (I’m a “reserve officer” this time, which means I could be sent anywhere they are short-staffed)

  • ‘As far as comedy is concerned, “cancel culture” seems to be the name mediocrities and legends on their way to mediocrity have given their own waning relevance.’ newrepublic.com/article/1…

  • Heading to Splunk.conf tomorrow. This is not something I would have predicted 6 months ago.

  • to: whatif@xkcd.com

  • It seems like there needs to be an Inspector General for the White House.

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