• ugh, Opera (yes, the web browser company) is now a shady lender

  • Getting the dang thing has been an emotional rollercoaster– but it seems like my Pinebook Pro will arrive tomorrow!

  • I started reading David Byrne’s “How Music Works” over the weekend. and he describes making the “Once in a Lifetime” video– which is… quite a thing if you’ve never seen it . 📚🎵

  • I’ve been using Lastpass for six or seven years, and I have no idea how it decides which forms to autofill, which to inject icons into, which to do neither.

  • I’ve spent the last two days diving into Powershell and “Desired State Configuration”– hoping I can cobble together an compelling demo of Office365DSC, and convince folks that we should manage our Office 365 configuration as code.

  • A great use of IR photography: visualizing methane emmissions

  • Put in my Pinebook Pro order– looking forward to getting my hands on it!

  • With the bumpers up, it’s really hard to lose a game of bowling on purpose.

  • I wonder how long until Google shuts down Google Groups?

  • Election day 2019

    This time around, I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to help much with tech setup and teardown, but I was assigned an interesting task at the end of the night: I called in the precincts results to the county Office of Elections. I had something to do with the numbers on the county website, and analyzed by the media, etc.

  • Election day! I’ll be working at a polling place somewhere in Fairfax County. They should tell me where sometime in the next 45 minutes…

    (I’m a “reserve officer” this time, which means I could be sent anywhere they are short-staffed)

  • ‘As far as comedy is concerned, “cancel culture” seems to be the name mediocrities and legends on their way to mediocrity have given their own waning relevance.’ newrepublic.com/article/1…

  • Heading to Splunk.conf tomorrow. This is not something I would have predicted 6 months ago.

  • to: whatif@xkcd.com

  • It seems like there needs to be an Inspector General for the White House.

  • 🍑!

  • NIST is looking for feedback on their new Privacy Framework

  • Assuming a wet cooking mechanism, is it possible to overcook a hot dog?

  • I’ve never met Joi Ito, but I have fond memories of hanging out in #joiito.

  • 🙏 Please let Run the Jewels + Springsteen be a real thing.

  • I’ve gotten good enough at Cultist Simulator that games can last a long time– but I’m not sure yet how to achieve something like a victory.

  • news: starting in a few weeks, I’ll be moving over to our cybersecurity team for at least a few months. My focus will be adding automation to our ISCM process.

  • It makes me smile that IPChicken still exists and basically hasn’t changed in at least 15 years.

  • Restoration Hangar at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

    One of my favorite things to check out at this museum:

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