After finishing The Unwritten, I decided to stay in Mike Carey’s world a bit longer and read through his entire run of Lucifer, which I do every year or so. This time I went straight on through and read the 2015-2017 Lucifer graphic novels written by Holly Black and other authors.

I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as Carey’s run– but there are things to like. These books feel like they could have been written for the screen, and this portrayal of Lucifer really seems much closer to the version of the character that you get on the Lucifer TV show. The whole thing has a youthful sheen, and even the language is much more contemporary. It was fun to see how these authors picked up some of the strands from the ‘Volume 1’ story, like Lucifer’s offspring with Izanami, and the fates of Noema Presto and Paul Begai. Elaine Belloc’s presence seems like an afterthought, though, and I was kind of disappointed that Hell was pretty much back to business as usual.

Next up is more Lucifer! I never finished the Sandman Universe run, so I thought I’d try that again. 📚