Lucifer recieving Mazikeens mark

That image is from near the end of Mike Carey’s run of Lucifer, which I wrote about last week. I think it’s notable that the “Sandman Universe” Lucifer does not carry the mark, which I think is a good signal that this isn’t meant to be a continuation of that story.

Other hints: I don’t think there was a single character, setting, or event that originated in the 2000 series that was referenced in this one. They share a launching point (the events of The Sandman’s fourth book, The Season of Mists), but everything else was either borrowed from other mythology, Shakespeare, or wholly new. I’m sure it’s possible to shoe-horn everything into a unified narrative (this guy tried), but I don’t think you really gain much.

So given all of that, how is the Sandman Universe ‘Lucifer’?

The thing I really enjoy about The Sandman (and the older Lucifer comics), is the way the authors weave history, mythology, religion, and literature into new stories, and posit a shared universe (or multiverse) where it’s all true (or true-ish), and this version of Lucifer is similarly satisfying. I particualrly enjoyed the tour of various afterlifes (Hindu, Egyption, and Greek), and the whole idea of the ‘Wild Hunt’, where Odin, Achilles, and various personifications of “the hunt” (Thrill of the Hunt, Honor of the Hunt, Fear of the Hunt) get together every couple of millenia and hunt down a god.

The final storyline had some really interesting ideas (and cannibalistic angels!) in it, but when the end arrives it felt more like a punchline than an conclusion– which makes me think it was cancelled prematurely.📚